Evaluation of the dystrophin carboxy-terminal domain for micro-dystrophin gene therapy in cardiac and skeletal muscles in the DMDmdx rat model. / Bourdon, Audrey; François, Virginie; Zhang, Liwen; Lafoux, Aude; Fraysse, Bodvael; Toumaniantz, Gilles; Larcher, Thibaut; Girard, Tiphaine; Ledevin, Mireille; Lebreton, Cyrielle; Hivonnait, Agnès; Creismeas, Anna; Allais, Marine; Marie, Basile; Guguin, Justine; Blouin, Véronique; Remy, Séverine; Anegon, Ignacio; Huchet, Corinne; Malerba, Alberto; Kao, Betty; Le Heron, Anita; Moullier, Philippe; Dickson, George; Popplewell, Linda; Adjali, Oumeya; Montanaro, Federica; Le Guiner, Caroline.

In: Gene Therapy, 01.02.2022.

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E-pub ahead of print
  • Audrey Bourdon
  • Virginie François
  • Liwen Zhang
  • Aude Lafoux
  • Bodvael Fraysse
  • Gilles Toumaniantz
  • Thibaut Larcher
  • Tiphaine Girard
  • Mireille Ledevin
  • Cyrielle Lebreton
  • Agnès Hivonnait
  • Anna Creismeas
  • Marine Allais
  • Basile Marie
  • Justine Guguin
  • Véronique Blouin
  • Séverine Remy
  • Ignacio Anegon
  • Corinne Huchet
  • Philippe Moullier
  • Oumeya Adjali
  • Federica Montanaro
  • Caroline Le Guiner
Original languageEnglish
JournalGene Therapy
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 1 Feb 2022
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ID: 44454889