Eric Craven: Entangled States. Dullea, Mary (Performer). 2018. Metier Divine Art.

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance



This is the premiere recording of a set of 48 pieces in low, middle and high order non-prescriptive notation, devised by composer Eric Craven. These performances
examine the role of the performer in creating the performances triggered by this
notation, in particular the high order works, the notation of which is pared down to the
merest suggestions of pitch. It is not graphic, aleatoric or spatial notation just as it is
not open form or free improvisation. The notes on the score are starting points for the
performer with complete openness regarding the eventual performances.
Herein lies the unexplored challenge: to address the role of the solo performer and the
performer’s past experiences in bringing these performances to life. Each
performance is determined by the approach of the pianist, in isolation, to the
instrument and the score. There is no balance between prescriptive writing and
freedom of choice in any one piece. Pre-determined choices can only go as far as
general structure, mood, texture, motivic material, character and possible sense of
The originality of this project is the devising of performances that are completely
unique yet possess a taut sense of structure, use of material and character. The order of the pieces is at the choice of the performer, further constructing the whole output.
Significantly this project is a collaboration between the pianist, the suggested
notations and the tacit knowledge of the performer. These recordings demonstrate
how the pianist’s role is situated within their experiences and how these can be
channeled into completely original and bold statements by taking inherent methods
and understandings from a long solo and chamber music playing career. The process
by which the performer almost becomes the composer in the moment is documented
in these performances.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMetier Divine Art
EditionMSV 28571
Media of outputCD
Sizedouble CD
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2018

ID: 31394528