English Landscapes and Identities : Investigating Landscape Change from 1500 BC to AD 1086. / Kamash, Zena; Gosden, Chris; Green, Chris; Cooper, Anwen; Creswell, Miranda; Donnelly, Victoria; Franconi, Tyler; Glyde, Roger; Mallet, Sarah; Morley, Laura; Stansbie, Daniel; ten Harkel, Letty.

Oxford Univerity Press; Oxford, 2021. 496 p.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

  • Zena Kamash
  • Chris Gosden
  • Chris Green
  • Anwen Cooper
  • Miranda Creswell
  • Victoria Donnelly
  • Tyler Franconi
  • Roger Glyde
  • Sarah Mallet
  • Laura Morley
  • Daniel Stansbie
  • Letty ten Harkel


The result of a five year project from a multi-disciplinary team working with sophisticated computer analysis, creating a database of over 900,000 items
Uses the fullest available range of information on the English landscape to provide a comprehensive view of its history
Combines different approaches from science to visual art to tackle a range of issues including ecology, food, movement, enclosure, time, space, and identity
Original languageEnglish
PublisherOxford Univerity Press; Oxford
Number of pages496
ISBN (Print)9780198870623
Publication statusPublished - 2021

ID: 42134332