(De)stigmatising architectures of brick-clad modular housing : Resident experiences of Dublin’s ‘Rapid Build’ scheme. / Brickell, Katherine; Nowicki, Melanie; Harris, Ella.

In: Housing Studies, 2020.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review



This paper focuses on how stigma is constructed and deconstructed through linguistic and aesthetic dimensions of “Rapid Build” housing in Dublin, Ireland. Through analyses of in-depth interviews and focus groups with residents and stakeholders, we explore how the nomenclature and brick-clad modular construction of the builds influenced residents’ experiences of stigma. We argue that their experiences reflect the importance of understanding relationships between social housing construction and stigma power in three interrelated ways. First, the nomenclature and materiality of housing has a profound affect on social imaginaries of residents and their self-perceptions. Second, stigmatised groups are not devoid of agency within constructions of stigma, but key actors in both the embedding of, and resistance to, its local production. Third, engaging with tenants’ experiences of their housing is integral in better understanding, and resisting, the role of architecture in the ‘stigma machine’.
Original languageEnglish
JournalHousing Studies
Publication statusSubmitted - 2020


ID: 39871022