Byzantine Sources for the Crusades, 1095-1204. / Harris, Jonathan (Editor); Chatzelis, Georgios (Translator).

Routledge, 2024. (Crusade Texts in Translation).

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Between 1096 and 1204, four major crusading expeditions passed through the Byzantine empire on their way to fight for possession of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Although Christians themselves, the Byzantines viewed these armies with ambivalence: sympathetic to the idea of liberating Jerusalem from Muslim rule but fearing that the crusaders might have designs on their own territory. Such fears seemed confirmed when the Fourth Crusade turned aside from its original destination to capture and sack the Byzantine capital of Constantinople in 1204. This volume offers an insight into these momentous events through the eyes of Byzantines themselves, providing translations both from well-known authors such as Anna Komnene and from obscurer voices such as Michael Glykas and Constantine Stilbes. Their writings show them first struggling to understand the crusade phenomenon and to assess the appropriate response as thousands of western knights encamped before the walls of Constantinople. Later, in the wake of the disaster of 1204, they denounced the whole enterprise as a hypocritical sham.
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