Branch groups, orbit growth, and new subgroup growth types for pro-p groups. / Barnea, Yiftach; Schlage-Puchta, J.C.

In:, 17.10.2017.

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In preparation


We first show that a class of pro-$p$ branch groups including the Grigorchuk group and the Gupta-Sidki groups all have subgroup growth type $n^{\log n}$. We then introduce the notion of orbit growth and use it to construct extensions of the Grigorchuk group and the Gupta-Sidki groups. We compute the subgroup growth type of these extensions and deduce that all functions between $n^{(\log n)^2}$ and $e^n$ occur as the subgroup growth type of a pro-$p$ group, thus, giving almost complete answer to a question raised by Lubotzky and Segal.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusIn preparation - 17 Oct 2017
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ID: 28843143