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  1. Research
  2. On-the-Go: Mobilities, Settlement and Performance

    Crang, P.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £12,572


    Project: Research

  3. Open Trusted Computing (Open_TC)

    Mitchell, C.

    European Union: £140,426


    Project: Research

  4. Operations Management

    Pilkington, A.

    1/11/10 → …

    Project: Research

  5. Optimising predictions for Higgs/BSM searches at the LHC

    Kauer, N.

    Unknown: £4,000


    Project: Research

  6. Optimization and Efficacy of Transcutaneous “Stealth” Adenovirus Vector Vaccine

    Dickson, G.

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £83,875, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £16,130, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £160,347, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £134,957, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £80,828, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £105,875


    Project: Research

  7. Optimization of Particle Accelerators: A Marie Curie Initial Training Network

    Blair, G.

    European Commission: £433,594


    Project: Research

  8. Oral testimonies of development in Pakistan

    Daechsel, M.

    British Academy: £9,961


    Project: Research

  9. Oral Vaccination against Clostridium difficile Infection

    Cutting, S. & Huynh, H.

    European Commission: £1,492,382


    Project: Research

  10. Organizational Secrecy

    Grey, C. & Costas, J.


    Project: Research

  11. Origin and early ecology of angiosperms: insights from extant and fossil wood

    Falcon-Lang, H.

    Centre for Ecology and Evolution: £1,850


    Project: Research

  12. Orthography and phonology in word learning as a predictor of dyslexia in children with language impairment

    Ricketts, J.

    National Institutes of Health: £15,448, National Institutes of Health: £16,329, National Institutes of Health: £23,985, National Institutes of Health: £15,522


    Project: Research

  13. ORT's activities after W War 2 in DP Camps

    Cesarani, D.

    World ORT charity: £20,161


    Project: Research

  14. ORT-VAC: ORT-VAC Live bacterial vectors for vaccine delivery

    Cutting, S.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £321,553


    Project: Research

  15. Out of the box: The cognitive impacts of in-car navigation system use

    Dalton, P.

    National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts: £1,850


    Project: Research

  16. Out of tune: a more secure approach for synchronising past climate histories

    Lowe, J.

    Leverhulme Trust: £21,056


    Project: Research

  17. Outcrop, seismic, and stratigraphic forward modelling of shallow-marine carbonate reservoir heterogeneity

    Burgess, P. & Waltham, D.

    BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd: £151,828


    Project: Research

  18. Oxford/RHUL Institute in Accelerator Science

    Blair, G. & Boogert, S.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £249,003


    Project: Research

  19. OPALE: Oxidant production over Antartica land and its export

    King, M.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £247,480, Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £45,503


    Project: Research

  20. Oxidation of organic films on atmospheric aerosol

    King, M.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £3,000


    Project: Research

  21. Oxidation of real atmospheric organic matter on interfaces of atmospheric aerosol does it activate cloud droplets

    King, M.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £60,387


    Project: Research

  22. Oxygen isotopes in olivine: an insight into the naure of the Afar plume

    Menzies, M.

    Royal Society: £4,632


    Project: Research

  23. Paine: Thomas Paine: Collected Works. A New Scholarly Edition

    Claeys, G.

    British Academy: £9,888


    Project: Research

  24. Paleontologic Characterization of the Pliocene-Pleistocene transition in the Guadix Formation (Guadix-Baza Basin, Granada)

    Arribas, A., Pla Pueyo, S., Garrido, G., Soria, J. M., Viseras, C. & Carrión, J.


    Project: Research

  25. Parameterised Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

    Gutin, G.

    Royal Society: £75,000


    Project: Research

  26. Parameterized Algorithmics for the Analysis and Verification of Constrained Workflow Systems

    Gutin, G., Cohen, D. & Crampton, J.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £602,797


    Project: Research

  27. Parameterized problems on directed graphs

    Gutin, G.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £344,495


    Project: Research

  28. Parliamentary Internship 2010

    Dalton, P.

    The British Psychological Society: £9,376


    Project: Research

  29. Participating in care: children and the health service

    Bury, M. & Gabe, J.

    Department of Health: £176,000

    1/01/99 → …

    Project: Research

  30. Participatory Research and Learning in the Performing Arts

    Cohen, M. I., Ramnarine, T. K. & Stobart, H.

    PALATINE (The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Dance, Drama and Music at Lancaster University): £7,485


    Project: Research

  31. Particle Physics Capital Equipment grant

    Cowan, G.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £64,122


    Project: Research

  32. Particle Physics Rolling grant

    Blair, G.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £523,298


    Project: Research

  33. Particle Physics Rolling grant 2010

    Blair, G.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £974,040


    Project: Research