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  1. Unaccompanied children seeking asylum: Investigating professional practice, policy responses and research priorities

    Willis, K., Clayton, S. & Gupta, A.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £30,479


    Project: Research

  2. UCSMT: Unconventional Superconductivity at Microkelvin Temperatures

    Prakash, O. & Saunders, J.

    European Union: £184,603


    Project: Research

  3. Uncovering Ideology in Britten’s Operas

    Harper-Scott, J. P. E.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £125,757


    Project: Research

  4. Uncovering the Role of Sleep in the Acquisition of Linguistic Knowledge

    Rastle, K. & Tamminen, J.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £532,064


    Project: Other

  5. 'Under Fire': Operation Florian's Volunteer Humanitarians, 1993-2001

    Jinks, R.

    British Academy/Leverhulme Trust : £4,008


    Project: Other

  6. Undergraduate summer bursary

    Gange, A.

    Nuffield Foundation: £1,520


    Project: Research

  7. Understanding and mapping shadow infrastructures and TIPS in Covid and post-Covid times

    Kuenzel, S.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £2,224


    Project: Research

  8. Understanding Endophytes to Improve Tree Health

    Gange, A.

    NIAB EMR: £62,875


    Project: Other

  9. Understanding presenilin-controlled cell signalling in a basic biomedical model

    Williams, R.

    Alzheimers Research Trust: £87,996


    Project: Research

  10. Understanding stroke caused by cerebral venous thrombosis

    Sharma, P.

    Stroke Association: £35,860


    Project: Other

  11. Understanding the complexity software: a behavioural neuroscience approach

    Durant, S.

    National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts: £2,500


    Project: Research

  12. Understanding the Food Chain of Teff (Eragrostis tef) and the Application of Seed Technology in Teff

    Leubner, G., Hassen, S. M., Steinbrecher, T., Petrikova, I., Chanyalew, S., Tesfaye, B., Woldetsadik, B. & Negussie, E.

    Academy of Medical Sciences: £21,767


    Project: Other

  13. Understanding the impact of agri-environment schemes on emerging infectious diseases in pollinators

    Brown, M. J. F.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £383,667


    Project: Research

  14. Understanding the pathobiology of Clostridium difficile a human and animal pathogen

    Cutting, S.

    Veterinary Laboratories Agency: £57,080


    Project: Research

  15. Understanding the prevalence of fitness to practise cases about paramedics and social workers in England

    Jago, R.

    Health Care Professions Council (HCPC): £5,580, Health Care Professions Council (HCPC): £270


    Project: Other

  16. Undertake high resolution analysis of Tephra from Grt Buscombe

    MacLeod, A.

    Exmoore National Park Authority: £5,418


    Project: Research

  17. Unified scalable access control

    Crampton, J.

    Microsoft Research: £60,000


    Project: Research

  18. Union experiences of labour market regulation in India

    Badigannavar, V.

    Nuffield Foundation: £7,454


    Project: Research

  19. University of London Central Research Fund

    Nield, S.


    Project: Research

  20. Unravelling the pattern, impacts and drivers of early modern human dispersals from Africa

    Blockley, S., Armitage, S., Petraglia, M. & Stringer, C.

    Leverhulme Trust: £466,516


    Project: Research

  21. Upgrade of the ATLAS experiment

    Teixeira-Dias, P. & Boisvert, V.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £141,149

    1/10/10 → …

    Project: Research

  22. Upgrade of the ATLAS experiment – resources at RHUL

    Teixeira-Dias, P. & Boisvert, V.

    Science and Technology Facilities Council: £33,353


    Project: Research

  23. URBAN VOICES: the political arts of listening

    Sachs Olsen, C.

    British Academy: £14,902


    Project: Research

  24. Use of light control of Plastid Biogenesis for the Metabolic engineering of Antioxidants in Tomato

    Bramley, P.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £210,904


    Project: Research

  25. Use of predictive information in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

    Wann, J. & Kate Wilmut, K.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £43,452


    Project: Research