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  1. An open proof checker based on type theory

    Luo, Z.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £268,000


    Project: Research

  2. An investigation on the genetics of stroke

    Sharma, P.

    Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: £195,000


    Project: Research

  3. An experiment of Information sharing in networks

    Feri, F.

    British Academy: £10,000


    Project: Research

  4. An Evaluation of the experience of minimum wages in an economic downturn

    Dolton, P.

    Low Pay Commission: £18,500


    Project: Research

  5. An electronic edition of the autograph Encomium on King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I by George Etheridge (British Library Royal MS 16 C X)

    McKendrick, S., Cataldi Palau, A., Konstantinou-Rizos, M., Palaiologos, K., Pasiourtides, V., Taylor, P., Turner, R. & Wright, C.

    20/10/10 → …

    Project: Research

  6. Amorphous computation, random graphs and complex biological networks

    Jansen , V. A. A.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £405,734


    Project: Research

  7. American Theatre Reading Group

    Honeini, A.

    12/12/18 → …

    Project: Research

  8. American Assoc for the advancement of slavic studies annual conference 2006

    Beer, D.

    British Academy: £400


    Project: Research

  9. Amateur Dramatics: Crafting Communities in Time and Space

    Nicholson, H.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £378,247


    Project: Research

  10. Alliance: Franco-British Partnership Programme 2007

    Meeson, P.

    British Council: £2,100

    1/01/07 → …

    Project: Research

  11. Alleviating statistics anxiety in psychology students: Evaluating online interventions

    Bourne, V.

    British Academy/Leverhulme Trust : £9,245


    Project: Research

  12. AHRC Research Leave Award

    Nield, S.


    Project: Research

  13. CMPCP: AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP)

    Ramnarine, T. K.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £148,917, Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £4,629


    Project: Research

  14. AHRC Fellowship

    Harper-Scott, J. P. E.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £74,098


    Project: Research

  15. AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund: Re-Enchanting Economic Botany

    Driver, F. & Cornish, C.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £10,100


    Project: Research

  16. AHRC CTRTS Skills for Research Students in Screen Studies

    Merck, M.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £10,000


    Project: Research

  17. AGRI-Science Chemical Biology Network: AGRI-net

    Bindschedler, L.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £56,876


    Project: Research

  18. AGIS: Ground Truth in Nigeria

    Eades, G.

    1/09/13 → …

    Project: Research

  19. Age Exchange Theatre Trust: Hearts and Minds

    Nicholson, H.

    Age Exchange: £22,500


    Project: Research

  20. After the Ice: Postglacial hunter-gatherer lifeways (POSTGLACIAL) by ERC

    Blockley, S.

    University of York: £54,866, University of York: £2,000


    Project: Research

  21. After Slavery, Race, Labour and Politics in the Post-Emancipation Carolinas

    Baker, B. E.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £64,484


    Project: Research

  22. After disaster strikes and other stories: The political construction of Typhoon Pablo in insurgency affected communities in Mindanao

    Siddiqi, A.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £79,514, Newton Fund: £35,928, Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £43,229


    Project: Other

  23. African Cassava Whitefly: Outbreak Causes and Sustainable Solutions

    Fraser, P.

    University of Greenwich: £393,084


    Project: Research

  24. African Cassava Whitefly Phase 2

    Fraser, P. & Enfissi, G.

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: £332,375


    Project: Research

  25. Aesthetics, Politics and the Migrant Writer

    Hampson, R.

    British Academy: £3,199


    Project: Research

  26. Aesthetic Dimensions of Modern Philosophy

    Bowie, A.

    Leverhulme Trust: £101,702


    Project: Research

  27. Advancing Visual Methodologies in Business and Management

    Davison, J.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £5,751


    Project: Research

  28. Advances in oligonucleotide-mediated exon skipping for DMD and related disorders

    Dickson, G.

    Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £105,626


    Project: Research