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  1. Novel pathways regulating memory in mammals

    Alifragis, P.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £322,009


    Project: Research

  2. Old English Riddles

    Neville, J.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £19,747


    Project: Research

  3. On-the-Go: Mobilities, Settlement and Performance

    Crang, P.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £12,572


    Project: Research

  4. Reception of Greek antiquity in historial fiction

    Lowe, N.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £20,358


    Project: Research

  5. SE Asia Consortium 2007

    Hall, R.

    Industrial Consortium: £440,000


    Project: Research

  6. Ship Sheds of the Ancient Mediterranean

    Rankov, B.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £21,891


    Project: Research

  7. The Holocaust in Culture: Views from the margins

    Eaglestone, R.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £19,692


    Project: Research

  8. The Library Van-a portrait of a community

    Koppel, G.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £19,645


    Project: Research

  9. The use of participatory video in action research

    Mistry, J. & Berardi, A.

    1/01/07 → …

    Project: Research

  10. A Church for England:Piety and Power on the eve of the reformation

    Burgess, C.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £25,521


    Project: Research

  11. Ancient Sedgelands:precursors to grasslands? An evolutionary history of sedges

    Collinson, M.

    Royal Society: £255,666


    Project: Research

  12. A protein based method for the detection of gelatine in plant based foods and beverages

    Bramley, P.

    Food Standards Agency: £106,700


    Project: Research

  13. GEOMON: Global Earth Observation and Monitoring

    Nisbet, E.

    European Union: £78,028


    Project: Research

  14. Combinatorial problems in cryptography and communication

    Blackburn, S.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £29,166


    Project: Research

  15. Defining targets for therapeutics in Spinal Muscular Atrophy

    Yáñez-Muñoz, R. J.

    Genoma Espana: £147,908


    Project: Research

  16. Geological work in Crete

    Candy, I.

    Royal Geographical Society: £1,700


    Project: Research

  17. Learning morphemes: insights from skilled readers

    Rastle, K.

    Leverhulme Trust: £125,139


    Project: Research

  18. Population Genetics and Chemoecology of the Stag Beetle

    Gange, A.

    People's Trust for Endangered Species: £15,000


    Project: Research

  19. RCUK Academic Fellowship in Cognitive Science

    Norbury, C.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £125,000


    Project: Research

  20. Women Writers project

    Rogers, S.

    UK Film Council: £4,500

    1/03/07 → …

    Project: Research

  21. 3D Modelling of Agent-Based Web-Services for E-Retailing Project

    Stathis, K.

    London Development Agency: £8,000


    Project: Research

  22. A preliminary study evaluating the use of problem-solving treatment in people newly diagnosed with MS

    Riazi, A.

    Institute of Social Psychiatry: £6,973


    Project: Research

  23. Atlantic slavery and the culture of West African exploration c1788-1842

    Lambert, D.

    British Academy: £4,717


    Project: Research

  24. Central Research Fund grant for Pb work

    Müller, W.

    University of London Central Research Fund: £4,000

    1/04/07 → …

    Project: Research

  25. Family Rights Group/Family Group Conference Evaluation Study

    Barn, R.

    Family Rights Group: £18,500


    Project: Research

  26. Post-genomic analyses of Salmonella Typhimurium and Enteritidis strains for project OZ0324

    Bramley, P.

    Veterinary Laboratories Agency: £51,591


    Project: Research

  27. Social well-being: Tracking the links to language

    Norbury, C.

    Nuffield Foundation: £19,937


    Project: Research

  28. Co-Director, Analogue

    Jarvis, L.

    1/04/07 → …

    Project: Other

  29. Beyond Independence: South asia 1947-1977

    Ansari, S.

    British Academy: £2,000


    Project: Research

  30. Byzantine Medical Manuals: Construction and Use

    Horden, P.

    Wellcome Trust: £900, Wellcome Trust: £137,066, Wellcome Trust: £2,317


    Project: Research

  31. Landscapes of Sight and Blindness: Access, touch and memory in the English Countryside

    Cresswell, T.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £87,337


    Project: Research

  32. Picturing Modernity: Blaise Cendrars and the visual Arts

    Robertson, E.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £20,952


    Project: Research

  33. Reversing the Water Vole Decline III: Evidence-based expansion of the National Key Sites series, extension of restoration around existing sites and development of sustainable recovery maintained by local teams

    Bright, P.

    People's Trust for Endangered Species: £20,000, People's Trust for Endangered Species: £113,086


    Project: Research

  34. The Walkable City: The dimensions of walking and overlapping walks of life

    Cresswell, T.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £71,095


    Project: Research

  35. Security across systems of systems

    Paterson, K.

    US Army/MOD: £320,971


    Project: Research

  36. Creativity in Health Care

    Brodzinski, E.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £11,754


    Project: Research

  37. Bees and the travelling salesman problem: how tiny brains solve complex cognitive tasks

    Raine, N., Le Comber, S. C. & Chittka, L.

    Wellcome Trust: £548,154


    Project: Research

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