Development of a rapid tool for the assessment of pollination services at a site scale

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As part of my doctoral research at the University of Southampton, we developed rapid and accessible methods that quantify pollination services and their economic values at a local scale, which were incorporated in an existing ecosystem services assessment toolkit (TESSA,
These methods can help elucidating the consequences of land-use change to pollination services provision based on local relevant data. Which in turn would enable conservation practitioners to assess a wide set of counterfactuals and provide simple instructions to staff and volunteers on how to collect or collate data needed to measure services at individual sites.
Low-budget methods can provide service estimates that are robust enough for effective advocacy, without expending considerable resources or technical knowledge. To ensure accessibility to practitioners in low-income countries, these methods are freely available and adaptable to a range of financial and technical resources.
Short titleTESSA Pollination
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