Dr Zsuzsanna Dobrontei

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Educational background

2015 – BSc (Hons) in Psychology at Royal Holloway University of London.

Research interests

Freedom of expression has a critical role in modern democracies and consequently the influence of social media on the way people express their national and political identities is growing. In light of recent revelations regarding the extent of global and domestic surveillance, the issue of privacy has come to the forefront of attention. My research is aimed at exploring people’s views on surveillance, privacy and to discover what predicts individuals’ concerns about such. I’m also interested in investigating the lay understanding of freedom, citizenship and the manifestation of national identity in cyberspace.


2018-2020London South Bank University – Lecture and seminar delivery on courses of Eyewitness Psychology, Psychological Research Methods, Introducing/Exploring Psychological Approaches and Introducing/Exploring Real World Psychology, Psychology of Behaviour with Others.

2017-2020Royal Holloway, University of London – Lecture delivery on courses of Social Psychology and Advanced & Applied Social Psychology.

2016-2020University of Greenwich – Lecture delivery on courses of Investigative Forensic Psychology and Social Forensic Psychology.

2015-2020Royal Holloway, University of London – Seminar planning & delivery on courses of Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development, Learning & Memory, Cognitive Psychology, Brain & Behaviour, Developmental Psychology, Self & Society, Sensation & Perception, Biological Psychology, Personality & Individual Differences and Conceptual Issues in Psychology.

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