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I am a human geographer with specific interest on (un)skilled migration, emotions and social integration. My PhD research is titled as “Everyday Emotional Geographies: Overseas Returned Students to Shanghai, China”, which is supervised by Prof. Katie Willis and funded by China Government Scholarship. This research aims to interrogate the everyday emotional geographies of overseas returned students through observing their everyday life after return. Based on the primary aim, there are five research themes - transnational/translocal journey, social relations, everyday emotional dynamics, everyday governance and the concept of home. Related empirical data will be collected from one-year ethnographic fieldwork in Shanghai.


My research interest on migration was stimulated in my Masters study. I have received a Master of Social Sciences from National University of Singapore (NUS). For my Master’s degree, I have investigated skilled migrants from Mainland China, who came to Singapore after 1990. My Master’s thesis with the title of “Negotiating Sense of Belonging through a Gender Lens: Skilled P.R.Chinese (Im)migrants in Singapore” has paid particular attention to migrants’ sense of belonging and provided an original insight on study on sense of belonging through introducing gender identity inside. Before that, I have received a Bachelor of Science from East China Normal University (ECNU).


My studies have been supported by funding from various organisations including China Scholarship Council, RHUL, NUS, ECNU and Ministry of Education of China. My awards include but do not limit within Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai (2014) and Outstanding Student of ECNU (2013).


Email: Yunting.Qi.2017@live.rhul.ac.uk; tinaqi.qyt@gmail.com

Twitter: @YuntingQi

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