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My research explores global theories of cosmopolitanism from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I examine the memoirs of Emily Ruete/Sayyida Salme, M.N. Roy, and Isabelle Eberhardt as case studies of displacement - migrancy, exile, and nomadism - to demonstrate the complex relationship between mobility and cosmopolitan thought. In doing so, I aim to highlight the various modes of cosmopolitanisms that circulated globally during this time, especially those which challenge the post-national, liberal, universalist ideologies of the European cosmopolite. More broadly, my project focuses on the significance of memoirs and life writing as a mode of representing non-normative cosmopolitan subjectivities. 

Before starting my PhD at Royal Holloway, I completed my BA in English Literature at Kings College London and my MA in Victorian Studies at Birkbeck College. 

Research interests

I am primarily interested in researching world literature from the long nineteenth century and my wider reasearch interests include postcolonial studies, cosmopolitan and world systems theories, travel and migration literature, life-writing, mobilities studies, and literary geographies.



EN1107: Re-Orienting the Novel

EN3127: Orientalist Fantasies From the Eighteenth Century to the Present (convening)

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