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Condensed Matter Physics, Mesoscopic physics, Strong correlations

  • Nano-systems: Proximity effect in superconducting (S) heterostructures with Ferromagnet (F) and normal metal (N)

          -Influence of the electronic band structure and anisotropy of Fermi surfaces on: Inverse spin switch effect in F/S/F trilayers and  0-π phase transition in S/F/S Josephson junctions.

          - Field-induced superconducting phases in S/S and S/N bilayers and effect of disorder

         - Proximity effect in S/N/.../N structures (density of states) and S/N/.../N/S Josephson junctions (critical Josephson current).

  •  Superconducting spintronics: Calculation of spin and charge transport properties in SC devices

          - Strong correlations and spin-orbit coupling in F/S/N system.

          - Calculation of spin and charge supercurrent in S/F/S/F/S Josephson junctions.

          - Effect of disorder and magnetic impurities.

  • Strong Correlated system: Study of Kondo and magnetic phases competition in presence of frustration.

          - Temperature-Magnetic interaction phase diagram.

          -  Electronic Band structure of the effective Kondo-Heisenberg model in square lattice.

          - Modulated Spin liquid in URu2Si2.

          - Study of the interband and intraband Raman vertex on a realistic URu2Si2 band structure.

  •  High Tc superconductivity in cuprate compounds : a spin fermion approach

          - Study charge order stability in Eight-Hot-Spot (EHS) model.

              - Effect of realistic electronic band structure on the SU(2) symmetry in spin fermion approach.

              - Study of Raman collective mode of a charge order and superconducting coexisting phases.

          - Study of experimental signature (Resistivity, Spin and Raman susceptibility and STM) of the Resonant Peierls Excitonic phase

          - Study of coexisting loop-current with SU(2) symmetry through EHS model.


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