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I am a TECHNE AHRC-funded PhD student in Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. My work is concerned with the integration of political geography and literary theory through critical creative writing methods to enhance our understanding of how space is 'read' and 'written' by capital. I completed my undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London, and my Master's degree in Urban Studies at UCL, where I wrote my dissertation using a critical creative writing methodology to posit land reclamation in Singapore as a form of writing on the scale of the nation-state.
My PhD project, entitled 'Granular Geographies of Endless Growth: Singapore and the Spatial Cognitive Fix' explores dynamics of land reclamation in Singapore and sand extraction in Southeast Asia. As Singapore has been expanding geographically for five decades through land reclamation, they have imported vast quantities of sand to resource this construction of land. However, the sand has been extracted informally, by a network of contractors and subcontractors. This has produced tensions in the region, as Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia have illegalised different categories of sand export to Singapore. However, the sand still flows. I'm interested in how how this twinned mode of resource extraction and geographic expansion forms an infrastructure of Singaporean nationbuilding, spatially and cognitively. The research will connect the networks of sand extraction and land reclamation, examining sand as a material that makes the political, economic and spatial dynamics of the region legible. My approach is based in a reconfiguration of geographic and literary theory, by adapting geographic practices of writing landscape to the fragmented and dispersed sites of sand extraction and reclamation. 
My fiction has appeared in Ambit and Myths of the Near Future. A pamplet of fiction, entitled Thirst for Sand, will be published in Spring 2018 by Goldsmiths Press. I erratically tend to a blog entitled: 
and you can find me on twitter @drbillblack


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