Dr Wenqing Liu

Personal profile

Dr.Wenqing Liu is a lecturer and head in Nano-Electronics at Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. She is the director of research and chair of the departmental research committee. She got her first degree in physics from Nanjing University and her Ph. D from the University of York. She was an EPSRC PDRA at University of Cambridge and a visiting scholar of Hong Kong University (HK) and Nanjing University. Her research interest is in the area of condensed matter physics, spintronics, low-dimensional materials and nano-structures, molecular beam epitaxy, nano-fabrication, electron-microscopy, photoemission, synchrotron-radiation-based X-ray scattering, X-ray magnetic circular/linear dichroism(XMCD/LD), X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (XPEEM), and angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). She has published several papers in high-impact journals such as Progress in Materials Science, Physical Review LettersAdvanced MaterialsNanoletters, and ACS Nano, and given (invited) talks at major conferences and the worldwide universities/research institutes. She is the invited author of Springer Reference “Handbook of Spintronics” and the Current Opinion in Solid State and Material Science Anniversary Special Issue “Magnetic Two-dimensional Systems”, and the editor in chief of ‘Magnetic 2D Materials: Fundamentals and Applications’, by Elsevier. She is the PI of several UKSTFC projects, member of the editorial board of Nature Scientific Report and the referee for several influential journals. She is the session chair of the IEEE MMM conference at (New Orleans, 2016), the committee member of the Advanced Materials & Processing (Edinburgh, 2017), and the International Conference on Functional Materials (Eluru, 2017). She is the recipient of several prestigious international award such as IAAM Young Scientist Medal (2017), KM Stott Memorial Prize for Outstanding Scientific Research (2015), External Engagement Award (2014), York VC’s Special Award (2013) and Holbeck Award (2010). 

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