Dr Walter Lucchesi

Research interests

I obtained my PhD at Imperial College London studying the Epstein Barr Virus serotypes and their mechanisms of B cell infection. I then moved on to neurosciences, for my 2 post docs at the Institute of Psychiatry, KCL. During 8 years I applied viral recombination technologies to engineer and study the memory pathways both in vivo, using mouse models and ex vivo, using induced pluripotent stem cells.

At present I am collaborating with KCL and the university of Reading to study the synaptic function of SHANK3 in the healthy synapsis and in autism. 


I am extremely dedicated to high quality teaching and open to the integration of new technologies and modern methods to classical teaching. As a result of my experience I presently teach immunology, biochemistry and application of molecular genetics to biology. I have obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice from King's College London and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In my PGCAP thesis I focused on the development of multidisciplinary environments in Academia.

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