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Vera's research explores space, place, ethical consumption, digital networks, and gender. She is currently working on projects that explore consumption practices influenced by digital ownership, female leadership, and entrepreneurship. As part of the MANgagement Project, she is furthermore looking at what happens when the heteronormative institution of matrimony is queered through women proposing to men. 


Vera's work has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics and the Sage Handbook of Consumer Culture

Other work

Vera is an active member of the Centre of Research into Sustainability at Royal Holloway and co-leads the Digital Organisation and Society’s research cluster on digital inequality, ethics and cyberactivism. Her previous work includes the joint project Life of Electronics that discussed the issues associated with the lifecycle of electronic products, from their design, mining and manufacturing, to their use and, finally, recycling. Together with Rafael Font, Vera organised the Life of Electronics conference in London in 2014, followed by a second chapter in Singapore in 2015.


Vera undertakes teaching responsibilities in the School of Management where she leads the MN5054 Services Marketing and MN2325/2326K Digital Marketing modules. She is furthermore a dissertation supervisor at under- and postgraduate level. 

Research interests

Ethical consumption, Consumer Culture Theory, ICT4D

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