Dr Vajihe Javadian

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Personal profile

Vajihe's research focuses on developing a new theoretical understanding of the concept of internal integration (II) by adopting a process-oriented approach. Drawing upon key business processes as important management interfaces, she seeks to investigate how business process orientation (BPO) constitutes a dynamic basis underlying an effective II in high- and medium-tech manufacturing firms in the UK. In addition, she aims to explore how a modular product architecture influences an organisational design and communication structure which may have important implications for II. 

Educational background

MA (Hons) in Photography-Nottingham Tent University (Awarded with Hgh Commendation)

MSc (Hons) in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management-University of Nottingham (Awarded with Distinction)

BSc (Hons) in Industrial Engineering – System Analysis and Planning-Azad University 


Adjunct Instructor in Production and Operations Management               Sept 2018 – Dec 2018  

Syracuse University


Teaching Assistant (MN2505 Operations Management)                   Jan 2017/2018-March 2017/2018


Teaching Assistant (MSc IM Research Methods Course-MN5338)             May 2018 – June 2018

Royal Holloway University of London


Teaching Assistant (MN1105 Quantitative Methods)                                 Sept 2017-Dec 2017

Royal Holloway University of London


Maths and Statistics Tutor                                                                   August 2016 -August 2017

Royal Holloway University of London


Research interests (continued)

Internal Integration (II), Supply Chain Integration (SCI), Business Process Orientation (BPO), Business Process Management (BPM)

ID: 25695574