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The Roman Republic

The Principate

Roman political culture

The Roman Army

Research interests (continued)

My doctoral thesis examines the portrayal of Roman soldiers as social and political individuals in the works of Roman historians with a primary focus on Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus. It considers the shifting depictions of Roman soldiers in the changing contexts as Rome transitioned from the Republic to the Empire.

The thesis will consider the relationship between citizenship and military service, the legal status of soldiers, and the purpose and place of soldiers in the social and political fabric of the Roman state. 


CL1560 - Key Themes in Roman History (2016-2017; 2017-2018; 2018-2019)

CL1755 - Beginners' Latin (2018-2019)

CL2369 - Historiography of the Roman World (2018-2019)

Personal profile


'Republicanism on the Danube: The Pannonian Mutiny in Tacitus' Annales', Sapiens Ubique Civis, Szeged, 2017.

'Centurions Against Their Commanders: The behaviour of centurions in Livy's History', Livio, Ad Urbem Condendam: riletture del passato in età Augustea, Bologna, 2018.

'Republicanism on the Frontiers: Interpreting Tacitus' account of the AD 14 mutinies', Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History, London, 2018.

'Where are the craftsmen in Livy's Rome?', Sapiens Ubique Civis, Szeged, 2018.



2014 - MA in Classics - Durham University

2006 - MA (hons) in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History - University of Edinburgh

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