Mr Timothy Moore

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Personal profile

I joined Royal Holloway as a doctoral researcher in 2017, and am currently a Visiting Lecturer and Tutor in the School of Humanities. From 2019-2020 I accepted a research scholarship at Yale University and was the RHUL Ambassador in the English Department there. I remain a Research Assistant on the AHRC project ‘Provincialism: Literature and the Cultural Politics of Middleness in Nineteenth-Century Britain.'

Research Interests

My research primarily involves literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and I'm especially interested in the uneasy transitional period that occurred between Romantic and Victorian literature. My current specialism involves theories of youth and education in this period, and I am completing a thesis that identifies early conceptualisations of adolescence across the genres of conduct literature, educational treatises, autobiographies and novels.

Academic History

I completed my BA in English Language and Literature at Worcester College, Oxford, and remained at Oxford University to train as a psychodynamic counsellor and therapist. Since then, alongside my research, I have been a practising psychotherapeutic clinician at institutions in both Oxford and London, with a continuing interest in the interdisciplinary close relationship between psychoanalytic theory and literature. 

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