Mr Tim Brooks

Supervised by

  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Glen Cowan First/primary/lead supervisor



Second year PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Member of the ATLAS collaboration.

Educational background

Currently studying for a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Obtained a MPhys degree in Theoretical Physics at Swansea University.

Attended Lliswerry High School in Newport, South Wales. I obtained A-levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English Literature.

Research interests

Working with the ATLAS detector's Supersymmetry group on searches with two leptons, missing energy and jets of particles. These searches aim to detect new physics in proton proton collisions in the LHC at CERN, Geneva. Supersymmetry is a theory predicting very heavy partners of all Standard Model particles. The signature of collisions producing SUSY particles would be similar to those known to occur from the Standard Model of particle physics. To detect the presence of Supersymmetry in nature, we must observe a significant excess of events over what is predicted by background processes like Top quark pair production. I am developing a novel technique for estimation of the top quark background in these searches using ATLAS data.

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