Dr Thora Bjornsdottir

Research interests

I am interested in how social group memberships (such as social class, sexual orientation, culture, and nationality) of both targets and perceivers affect social perception. My research specifically aims to understand how our faces reflect our social identities and experiences (and how others detect this), how our group memberships impact our perceptions of others, and how we mentally represent members of various social groups. See my website for more details.


I teach on the following courses:


  • PS2030 - social psychology
  • PS3090 - social psychology in the real world
  • PS3240 - psychology of love, death, & meaning


  • PS5202 - intergroup & interpersonal processes

Educational background

I received my BA in Psychology and German from Cornell University, and my MA & PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto. Prior to starting at RHUL, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow.


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