Mr Theofanis Alexoudas

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Educational background

2009-2014: PhD in Pure Mathematics, Royal Holloway University of London, (thesis advisor: Benjamin Klopsch).

2006-2008: MSc in Pure Mathematics, Queen Mary University of London, (thesis advisor: Peter J. Cameron).

2004-2006: BSc (First Class Honors) in Mathematics with Applied Economics, Kingston University London.


Personal profile

I come from a small village called Agio Pneuma in Greece. If you are curious to see how my birthplace looks see My non-academic interests include music, I play the mandolin and mandola, reading books on history and political philisophy, web development and travelling.

Research interests

My research interests lie in the theory of infinite groups. In particular, I am interested in the subgroup structure of branch groups. These are infinite groups acting on regular infinite trees and form one of the three classes that the class of all just-infinite groups naturally splits. Recent study shows that there are strong connections between the study of branch groups with many areas such as combinatorics, analysis, geometry and computer science. The study of branch groups is a new direction in infinite group theory and contains a lot of interesting and challenging problems.


During my graduate studies I have been marking courses on Group Theory, Graph Theory and Number Theory. I have also organised and participated in various study groups ranging from undergraduate to more specialised graduate courses.

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