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I am a Year 2 PhD student in human geography. Prior to be a member of Royal Holloway, I obtained my bachelor and master degree in Taiwan and Mainland China respectively. My current research is basically focusing on migrants' living experience in Macau and their associational lives in the ethnic community. My research is supervised by Professor Katie Willis.

In my PhD project I tends to uncover the process, the driven factors and the possible influences of migration occurs in Macau which formed a group of ethnic minorities originally came from countries in Southeast Asia within the last two decades. I suggest that in this phenomenon of migration, a social network is obviously constructed and a social space of ethnic minority emerged, in which can be valued as a place of occurrence of the minority’s everyday life and is crucial to the formation of the individual’s identity among and beyond the minority in a larger scale of Chinese-dominant society of Macau. A more specifically approach towards this research will be clarified after series of fieldwork. 

My another research interest is geography education, related to my previous working experience as a  geography teacher in a local high school.

I was the Chairman (2014-2018) of the Geography and Education Research Association of Macau. I also serve as the national representative of CHINA-MACAU in the International Geographic Union (IGU) since 2017. 

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