Miss Tania El Khoury

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Research interests

My practice-based doctoral research explores the ethical and political potential of interactive live art in the wake of the Arab uprisings. My thesis addresses three main elements in which the intersection of politics and live art can be analysed: interactivity, the use of oral history in performance, and mourning as militancy. I draw on my own practice as a solo artist (in particularly my interactive sound installation performance Gardens Speak), as well as my collaborative work in Dictaphone Group (a collective coupling live art to urban research). Both the written and the practical component of my doctoral project focus on addressing and re-imagining oral history collection and its use in performance, mourning as resistance, and the politics of audience interactivity. My PhD research is supported by a scholarship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Prior to my enrolment in the PhD program, I earned an MA (with distinction) in Performance Making at Goldsmiths College. 

Personal profile

Gardens Speak is based on the oral histories of ten people who were killed by the Syrian regime in the early period of the uprising and subsequently buried in gardens. The project deploys methods of intimacy, interactivity, and collective mourning. Gardens Speak has toured around the world and was turned into a book (published by Tadween).

My work uses the audience as an active collaborator. It is the recipient of the International Live Art Prize, the Total Theatre Award for Innovation and the Arches Brick Award. My writings on the intersection of politics and performance have appeared in in Performance Research Journal, Performance Ethos Journal, the Palestine Studies Journal, Live Art Almanac, and Ibraaz. I am associated with Forest Fringe.


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