Mrs Tamara Aberle

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Research interests

Tamara is currently working on a PhD thesis about the relationship between contemporary theatre in Indonesia and the process of strengthening civil society structures with the end of Indonesia's New Order in 1998. Since early reformation some Indonesian theatre practitioners have pointed out that one of their main concerns is the issue of strengthening civil society structures in Indonesia by using means of theatre.

Some practitioners have recently stated that the "don't believe that art can cause a social or political revolution [...] but that art could be an alternative reading of reality" (Yudi Ahmad Tajudin) and thus might provide an alternative space for critically re-thinking or even re-shaping society. Others, such as Iswadi Pratama, see their work as an "alternative medium to develop society's mind", which also has to be discussed within the framework of a theatre for development. By analysing recent performances on the contemporay Indonesian theatre stage Tamara wants to investigate how theatre can be situated within this context.

In 2009 Tamara has been awarded the Helen Shackleton Fund from Royal Holloway for a three month research in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. In 2010/11 the Central Research Fund partially funded a second research trip to Indonesia.

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