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I am a PhD student currently working on the elimination of distortion products in the analog photonic link of Radio over fiber system. Radio Frequency (RF) transmission over fiber optic is very attractive and promising technology in future broadband communications world wide. Recently it has attracted significant attention due to its bandwidth capacity and cybersecurity. The main factors involved in its high demand are the large transmitting capacity, long distance communication, multi-user transmission and high security. However, this data transmission is very challenging to realise in practice because of the noises and other associated distortions due to the involvement of the various components and complicated systems architecture. The components in the system also incur some material nonlinearities, all of distortions parameters would require to be considered in order to design and demonstrate a high performance RF over fiber system. In this research project initially I have proposed to use fiber dispersion compensation method to improve the optics configuration system, then the second proposed method involves deployment unique dual electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulators (DE-MZM) where the mixing between RF and optics will be realised. The use of this proposed modulation technique will suppress the intermodulation distortion (IMD) and enhance the key performance indicator of the RF over fiber which Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). As the optical fiber also incur some nonlinearities, so dispersion compensation techniques will be also used to further improve the system efficiency. So by compensating dispersions at the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, the distortions will be suppressed and the system’s performance will be improved. This research project will have great impact on future generations of RF over fiber transmission systems and wireless systems including 5G and beyond.

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