Mr Sumir Mathur

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Research interests

I am a first year PhD student from the School of Management, working between marketing and management, jointly supervised by Dr. Sameer Hosany and Dr. Mikael Andehn. My research interest lies in studying the impact of religiosity and  consciousness on purchase decision making of consumers. The project is titled: "Does Religiosity and Consciousness impact consumers purchase decision-making". I am following an  alternative PhD route i.e. a paper based approach by publication. Currently, I am in a process of working for Paper 1. The objective of my paper is to conduct a  Systematic Review of Literature, for the topic of interest. I aim to identify the areas of convergence, develop conceptual framework and suggest opportunities for future research. Prior to my PhD, I completed my masters MBA from Royal Holloway, University of London. My PhD is funded by the College. 



I am an accomplished management consultant well-versed in data analytics, evaluating operations and developing successful procedures and policies. I am a motivated business analyst with more than 5 years of techincal expertise in data analysis, business management, necessary to translate business requirements and objectives into scalable, highly resilient and successful system solutions. 




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