Dr Stuart Walker

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John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science

Personal profile

I graduated from Royal Holloway with an MSci in Physics in 2014.  My final project was on LHC collimation studies using the Geant4 based BDSIM.  

I am undertaking a PhD in Particle Physics at the John Adams Institute at Royal Holloway, supervised by Steven Gibson.  I am a member of the ATLAS Non-Collision Background group simulating beam-gas interactions using the aforementioned BDSIM as well as backgrounds at the Pixel Detector.

Research interests

My research interests are in large scale simulations of particle accelerators and the application and study of novel simulation techniques for usage within accelerator physics.  Through my MSci final year project in LHC collimation studies using Geant4, I developed a strong interest in applied computational physics, leading me to undertake a Particle Physics PhD at Royal Holloway.

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