Mr Stuart Hyde

Supervised by

  • Polly Dalton First/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

My research interests include attention, sensory integration and visual cognition, with a specific interest in selective attention (the mechanisms of prioritised processing of task relevant stimuli over task irrelevant stimuli) and multisensory integration (how attention effects the integration of information within and between different sensory modalities).  The ESRC funded PhD project I am working on is conducted in collaboration with the Transport Research laboratory (TRL) and sets out to examine the effects of vehicle automation on situation awareness in drivers of different ages.  I intend to apply numerous methodologies to examine the effects, e.g. a variety of behavioural measures, eye tracking, and realistic vehicle driving simulators.  The overall purpose of the project is to understand the impact of vehicle automation on driver’s cognition and behaviour within a strong theoretical framework. 

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