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Title of thesis: Menandrean Characters in Context: Menander’s Characters in the fourth century BC and their reception in Modern Greek Theatre. 


The thesis explores the way in which character is represented in Menander’s comedies (4th century bc) and in the revival, translation, and reception of Menandrean comedy in the modern Greek theatre.  Although modern translators and directors may have sought to reproduce the ancient dramas faithfully, they inevitably reshaped and reinterpreted them to conform to audience expectations and the new cultural context.  Comparing aspects of character in the ancient and modern plays sheds light on both traditions.  In assessing how character was conceived in the Hellenistic period, I make use of ethical works by Aristotle and other philosophers, which provide an appropriate vocabulary for to identifying the assumptions of Menander and his audience.  For the modern adaptations, I have made extensive use of a variety of archival materials as well as interviews with artists engaged at every stage of the production.



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Book Reviews


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