Mr Stave Matthews

Supervised by

  • Boris Rankov First/primary/lead supervisor


Research interests

Doctoral thesis examines the logistics of feeding the Roman army in the province of Lower Moesia and in particular the modern region of Dobrogea.  This is a compact study area at the very edge of the Roman Empire where settlement activity was probably stimulated to support the limes garrison.  The thesis examines the quantifyable needs of the Roman army in this area and produces a survey of hte archaeological record to suggest supply solutions to the army.  The survey is done using the Romanian database of archaeological sites, cIMeC and the results are mapped using ArcGIS.  Thereafter transport modelling is carried out within Excel and with reference to the distribution of producer agricultural sites and consumer forts as plotted within ArcGIS using the Service Area function of that program.  The end result is a series of models of how the Roman army may have been fed on this particular part of the frontier.    

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