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Snezhina is an enthnomusicologist and musician specialising in Cuban music. She researches the new social and cultural geographies of Havana, analysing the impact of private ownership of music venues, and increase in international cultural collaborations on the music industry in Havana. Snezhina investigates the trasnforamtion of space in Havana through the exploration of the image of “the street” as the home of Cuban music and the reinvention of Cuba’s African cultural and music heritage. She further studies the emergent London Cuban music and dance scenes, and their relationship with Havana. The first scholar to document the formation of a Cuban community in London, Snezhina studies the role of music and dance in the diaspora. 

Snezhina holds a MMus Advanced Musical Studies (Distinction) from Royal Holloway University of London and a MA International Studies and Diplomacy (Distinction) from SOAS. 

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