Mr Simon Schmidlin

Supervised by

  • Phil Meeson First/primary/lead supervisor


Educational background

Graduated in physics from ETH Zurich 2009, MSci Physics in the group of Prof. Wallraff on solid state Qubits ( In advance of this PhD, I undertook a 3-month training in nanofabrication at the university of Jyvaskyla, Finnland ( focusing on ultra-narrow titanium wires.

Research interests

My project is in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, in the group of Carol Webster.

The research is focused on the potential for creating a metrological superconducting current standard using quantum phase slips (QPS). The project includes the nanofabrication of an array of small Josephson junctions embedded in a resistive environment which should lead under irradiation of an AC voltage to constant current steps (dual to the Shapiro steps) given by I = 2enf, where e is the elementary charge and f the frequency of the applied AC voltage (n is a positive integer).
A new current standard, based on a quantum mechanical process is desired, because the current steps would depend only on the frequency of the applied voltage, which may be measured to a high precision, a realisation of such a device would need to meet the conditions of a metrological current standard.

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