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After graduating with a BA in Communication Studies in Singapore, I worked for three years in television production in Singapore. The experience propelled me towards postgraduate studies because I wanted to get a bigger picture of the media industries in the region. My Ph.D research project investigates television production practices in Singapore based on a 15 month ethnography of local television production companies. I am interested in cross-disciplinary work that involves television and media studies, film studies, cultural studies, area studies and anthropology, with a philosophical focus. 

Educational background

I did my Bachelor degree (with honours) in Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, which prepared me for work in production. My Masters in Film Studies (Global Cinemas and the Transcultural) at the School of Oriental and African Studies took a theoretical turn, and led me to my Ph.D at Royal Holloway College. My cross-college, cross-discipline and cross-continental educational experience allows me some insight into the differences in strengths and cultures of the various institutions and places, which I hope will help me in an academic career. 

Other work

I worked at international network MTV Asia before my postgraduate studies. During my 15 months Ph.D fieldwork, I worked fulltime as a freelancer in Singapore's television production companies that provide programs for the local free-to-air television station. Some consider the two types of production work as the two opposing ends on the spectrum of production in the local context, especially in consideration of funding and financials. Personally, the differences in work experiences, cultures, environments, circumstances and even the people I met, were very illuminating for me. It is something that may be difficult to see in a purely academic context. I am grateful and humbled by the experiences.  

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