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As an expert, my current consultation interests are in the areas of Strategy in International Business, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the New Product Development Process. I have conducted academic research and practical work on how firms’ New Product Development (NPD) Processes can be influenced and affected by micro and macro (environmental) factors. My latest project focused particularly on the automotive industries that are engaged and work jointly with Western automotive industries. My earlier research was in the field of Business & Enterprise in the Educational Services Industry.

My academic studies and practical work mainly focused on the context of Innovation, New Product Development Process, Enterprise, Organisational Learning, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship, Planning for New Business Ventures and Research Methodology. As a consultant with a PhD degree, I have developed my communication skills during presentations and lectures and have built up my personal creative thinking outside the box during research and practical work.  I have also developed my team working and leadership skills during group projects, practical work and field studies. Moreover, I gained relevant experience of how to solve issues during different projects in different circumstances. My educational background and knowledge helped me to develop my self-motivation ability.   

As a management consultant and PhD researcher in Strategy International Business & Entrepreneurship, I have been actively involved in and worked on an academic and practical programme for Royal Holloway University of London and the IKCO, (the IKCO is the biggest automotive maker in the Middle-East, North Africa & Central Asia with over 55,000 employees) as part of an industrial project in the company’s R&D and Strategy Departments. In this highly competitive market it is an important job for every organisation to create, transfer and keep knowledge (explicit or tacit) within their establishment.

This latest project focused particularly on  knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition and communication technology activities within the New Product Development processes (NPD) between the IKCO and French Peugeot, British PAD, German Mercedes-Benz, Japanese Suzuki and a number of Japanese, Chinese and Korean manufacturers. The final result of this consultation and empirical research helped the organisation to identify its issues and difficulties on Knowledge Management within the New Product Development Processes to make a sensible decision on its further policy and strategy.

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