Mr Sercan Arslan

Supervised by

  • Jon Goff First/primary/lead supervisor

    1/10/17 → …

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My research is focused on using polarised neutrons to study

  • Structural and magnetic excitations in HoMnO3. It is predicted that this material exhibits strong coupling of magnons and phonons. This property could be used to control the magnetic state of a memory storage device using an electric field instead of polarised current, with which Joule heating is inveitable;
  • Diffusion mechanism in a potential cathode material (NaxFe1/2Mn1/2O2) for Na-ion battery technology. Na-ion batteries are an attractive alternative to Li-ion batteries because it is cheaper to source the materials, and they can be processed using existing infrastructure. Literature suggests that this cathode material is capable of delivering a reversible capacity of 190 mAhg-1, comparable to that of commercially available Li-ion battery cathodes.

As part of my PhD I will be implementing software to enable Polarised Neutron Analysis on the Low Energy Ttrasnfer (LET) instrument at ISIS neutron source. In the context of this PhD project, polarised neutrons allow distinguishable measurement of magnons and phonons in a single experiment.

ID: 28689196