Mr Doga Gulhan

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Research interests

My doctoral research is on aesthetic experience and judgment of arts with a focus on spatial artworks. On the theoretical level, I am interested in categorizing arts by objective and subjective properties, as well as the influence of the language and context on the aesthetic appreciation. On the empirical level, I look for developing quantifiable measures on aesthetic experience. Currently, I am mainly employing visual psychophysics including eye tracking and complimentary surveys in real world, lab settings, and virtual reality.

During my masters in Cognitive Science, my research involved visual psychophysics and ontology with a focus on time and motion perception. After taking many relevant courses across departments for the first two years of the program, the third (thesis) year was concluded with a thesis entitled 'A psychophysical investigation and a philosophical discussion on event-time perception'. Previously, my undergraduate study in architecture was mainly on architectural theory, spatial representations, and public spaces; and my graduation project was 'Defining public spaces for the buffer zone in Nicosia, Cyprus'.


I am one of the demonstrators for two MSc-level courses; Statistics for Research(PS5302) and Advanced and Applied Research Techniques (PS5204).

Educational background

MA in Cognitive Science, Bogazici University (2017)

BArch in Architecture, Istanbul Technical University (2013)

Other work

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