Mr Scott Shepherd

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  • Deana Rankin First/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

I studied English Literature at Kingston University from 2008-2011 before going on to King's College London and the British Library where I completed the MA in Early Modern English Literature: Text and Transmission. My Master's dissertation thesis was an edition of a manuscript held at the British Library cataloging the library of Lincoln's Inn in 1646. During my MA I spent a month as an intern at Lambeth Palace Library.

At Royal Holloway I jointly organise with Jessica Chiba the Shakespeare Reading Group, which we co-founded.

Research interests

My doctoral research is on the impact of the first quarto (Q1) of Hamlet on productions of the play from c. 1980 to the present. Q1 is in many places different to the two better-known versions of the play, varying most famously in the 'To be' soliloquy, where the first line of Q1 reads 'To be or not to be - I there's the point'. For most of the twentieth century Q1 was known as a bad quarto, though as a concession to a wave of dissenting scholars the term is now generally sanitised with quotation marks to read 'bad' quarto.

I'm examining the choices directors make when they put on Hamlet productions based on one or both of the other two texts of the play. Is the shift in scholarly attitudes towards Q1 reflected in the theatre? When do directors use Q1 and why?

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