Dr Saswata Hier-Majumder

Personal profile

Reader in Geophysics (2019-), Royal Holloway University of London

Senior Lecturer in Geophysics (2013-2018), Royal Holloway University of London

Assistant Professor (2006-2014), University of Maryland, USA

Postdoctoral associate, (2004-2006), Yale University, USA 

PhD in Geophysics, 2004, University of Minnesota, USA

MSc in Applied Geology, 1998, Jadavpur University, India

BSc in Geology, 1996, Jadavpur University, India


 Click on any of the links below to access my bibliographical information, research profile, and the you tube channel on magma dynamics maintained by my research group.


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Click the link below to download our open source software, MuMaP_fwd, a python library for forward modeling the effect of melting on seismic velocities in the Earth's mantle.

Research interests


My research is focused at computational modeling of multiphase flow. I developed a new multiparticle technique to model dynamic microstructure in partially molten aggreagets and calculating the effective mechanical and electrical properties. I also worked on large scale models of magma migration, and modeling thermal and chemical evolution of planetary magma oceans.

In addition to magma dynamics models, I am also quite interested in digital rock physics modeling for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Click on the image below for a You Tube video from the research of MSc student Aizhan Zhakupova (2017).

The images below, from doctoral research of Paul Ross Thomson,  show the connected (red) and unconnected (gold) porosity in two natural sandstones containing 20% (left) and 5%(right) porosities, respectively.