Dr Sasha Engelmann

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Sasha Engelmann collaborates with contemporary artists to explore environmental sensing and politics. She is particularly interested in the ways that artistic practice can inspire geographical approaches to air and atmosphere. Her current project "Sensing an Atmospheric Present" chronicles a series of artistic, community-driven interventions in atmospheric space. In the past year she has initiated a related project on listening to atmospheres via the radio spectrum. To that end, in February 2017 she became a licensed radio amateur; her callsign is M6IOR.

Between 2013 and 2016 Sasha conducted site-based, immersive fieldwork at Studio Tomás Saraceno in Berlin. This fieldwork included joining the large contemporary art studio as a practitioner, and collaborating with Saraceno and his team on exhibitions, residencies, conferences and especially the Aerocene project. Sasha remains a collaborator of Studio Saraceno and has organized launches of Aerocene sculptures in Lancaster and London. 

Sasha has significant experience in interdisciplinary pedagogy: together with artists Jol Thomson and Ivana Franke, architect Natalija Miodragovic, critical theorist Alan Prohm and artist Tomás Saraceno, Sasha designed and delivered a new curriculum for teaching art in the Anthropocene at the Technical University of Braunschweig.  Sasha has presented seminars at the Anthropocene Curriculum and the Technosphere Project at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, and has coordinated numerous public events related to art-science collaboration, the Aerocene project and 'aërography' at venues including the Institut für Architekturbezogene Kunst, Germany; 21er Haus, Vienna; and the Royal College of Art, London. 

In parallel, with artist Jol Thomson, Sasha has participated in a research project investigating the sites and sensing practices of neutrino observatories which has been published in The Anthropocene Review

Research interests

-       Creative Geographies

-       Geographies of Air and Atmosphere

-       Creative ethnography and Para-ethnography

-       Art-Science Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity

-       More-than-human, Post-human and Geographical Aesthetics

-       Process Philosophy and Radical Empiricism

-       Nonrepresentational Theories

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