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Sarah Cave is a poet, performer & editor of award-winning publisher Guillemot Press. Sarah is currently working towards a practice-based PhD in prayerful poetics. She has two previously published pamphlets & her third, like fragile clay, an illustrated chapbook about the Moomins, was published in 2018. Her first collection, An Arbitrary Line, was published in November 2018 by Broken Sleep Books. Her second collection, Perseverance Valley is forthcoming from Knives Forks and Spoons at the end of 2019.

Research interests

Prayerful Poetics

Sarah is working on a practice-based PhD. Her work consists of fragmentation, collage, photography and sound performance allowing her to interrogate ideas around prayer as poetry and vice versa. Her research interests include process poetics, monastic poets, queer theory, modernism, religious vocation, 20th Century Avant-Garde poetics, Christian post-humanism, Gnosticism, negative theology and the occult. 

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