Ms Miriam Burke

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Research interests

My research is concerned with looking at means and methods to understand everyday, emotional connections to the idea of climate change through the use of participatory arts methods.

I'm particularly interested in thinking about how people do connect to their changing environment; and rather than asking them questions about this, or getting them to fill in questionnaires I'm encouraging them to represent their connections to the environment through creative means. Currently, I'm working on a project with a group of knitters - we have been on adventures together to the local nature reserve to learn about the changes taking place in the local environment, and together the group has come up with a way to represent what this means to them ... through knitting it.

This is the first of my case studies, and the next ones will involve permaculture growing and theatre performances of engaging with the plants and soil; connecting with energy through making images using thermal imaging cameras and making a bicycle powered cinema.

Crucial to this research is the geographical location - I am working in one of the most deprived wards in London. I strongly believe that engagement with the environment - and art for that matter - is particularly pertinent to the urban poor; those that are likely to most adversley affected by changes to climate, and related issues such as fuel poverty, rising food and energy prices as well as increasing temperatures.

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