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Dr Salman Khuraibet finished His PhD  at Royal Holloway,Universty of london in Title : The Role of Business Model Information System and Human Capital in the barriers to the growth of Small and Meddium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Kuwait . 

He is appointed at the college of business studies , Puplic Authority of applied education and training.

He the is founder and chairman of Association of Small & Medium Enterprises Kuwait (ASMEK) it Mission is to Support, educate and encourage small initiatives .

Dr Khuraibet has a background in entrepreneurship and business education including, management  , business planining and small business management . now, he is developing  entrepreneurship class for the diploma Student of college of Business studies in Kuwait  . Prior  to this  and currently worked in the field of small business in the first privet venture capital in Kuwait as financial consultant  .

Previous positions have included: Relationship Officer in Gulf bank in the SMEs department .also he was a financial trainee in Kuwait Investment Authority  he  have been selected  among 400  fresh fine  graduates candidatesto join Kuwait investment authority fresh graduate program  with 20 college in group 12  as shown online at:

Including an intensive 3 month international work experience assignment in Kuwait investment office in London. He have granted a fully scholarship with the Kuwait public authority in applied education and training to do his master.  He did his  MSc in University of Greenwich in  knowledge management in Kuwaiti banks with and he received a merit grade.

He have finish my first book in title the guide to small business in Kuwait in collaboration with and approval of the Kuwait economical society

Collaborated to organized the Gulf First SMEs Forum  

Since 2008 he have been exposed to media in several occasion. This includes news paper and TV channels.  My most recent interviews can be found on- line at:    Interviewed on TV by several Economical Programs (AlWatan,AlShahed, AlSabah) avalible online at:

Interviewed by Kuwait Weekly Newspapers (AlTale`a) available

online at:

 He is interested  in researching MIS , Socail Media , Socail Enterprises, Business model and barriers to growth .

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