Dr Roy Booth

Research interests

Roy Booth's main interests are Renaissance poetry and drama. He has completed a study of the misogynist figure (the marriage-hater) in English Renaissance comedy, provisionally entitled Married and Marred. This covered plays by Shakespeare, Fletcher, Heywood, Chapman, the Duchess of Newcastle and others.

His annotated text of John Donne's Complete English Poems  appeared in paperback (Wordsworth Classics).He has published most recently on 'Caroline Theatre' in Michael Hathaway (ed) A Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture (Blackwell, 2000).

His most recent research subject has been literary responses to the 1652 'Black Monday' solar eclipse (submitted for publication).

Beside more general or student initiated research topics in the literature of Renaissance England, Roy Booth would be particularly interested to offer supervision to research students interested in the relations between broadsheet ballads and the Elizabethan stage, or on witchcraft and drama of the period or on Renaissance literature and the idea of martyrdom.



Click here for details of course EN3012: Witchcraft and Drama|. Students looking for information on EN2010 Renaissance Literature (1st term) should also click on the EN3012 link, and then follow the link at the top of that page.

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