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Dr. Ronda Zelezny-Green is a mobile technologist, gender and policy expert, teacher trainer, researcher and learner who has lived and taught on four continents and visited nearly 60 countries from Ecuador to Equatorial Guinea to a place that's an ecological wonder, Samoa (as of May 2017, anyhow!). She advocates participatory and sustainable approaches to the use of mobile devices to learn and is particularly passionate about girls' education. Her personal website is

When she was a PhD student at RHUL, Ronda explored what happens when girls at a secondary school in Kenya are introduced to a mobile learning app for the purpose of increasing their access to educational content after school. The title of her PhD thesis is:

The Role of Girls’ Mobile Phone Use to Increase Access to Educational Content After School: A Capabilities-Based Evaluation in Nairobi

She successfully passed her viva on Friday 3 March 2017 and was officially awarded her doctorate in May 2017. She was jointly supervised by Professor Dorothea Kleine (lead) and Dr. Niall Winters of Oxford University (second). Towards the end of her studies when Professor Kleine left RHUL and joined the University of Sheffield, she was also supported by Professor Katie Willis at RHUL. Her PhD research was informed by the capability approach (Sen, 1999) to education and data was analyzed using the Choice Framework (Kleine, 2013). The research was firmly based in the interdisciplinary field of which Ronda is a pioneer, gender, learning and mobiles. This work was an extension of a study Ronda undertook in May and June 2012 in a secondary school in Nairobi, which resulted in an MSc dissertation titled Gendered Mobility and Social Shaping of Mobile Phones: Perspectives from Secondary School Girls in Nairobi. 

In 2011, Ronda completed a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with a foreign language pedagogy concentration at the University of Massachusetts at Boston (UMB). In 2012, she completed a Master of Science in Practising Sustainable Development with ICT4D specialism at Royal Holloway, University of London. Additionally, Ronda completed a graduate certificate in Instructional Design with a focus on mobile learning in May 2013 at UMB. During her postgraduate studies, she has specialized in the use of technology for educational development. To carry out field-based research in Kenya, Dr. Zelezny-Green's work was supported by RHUL grants including the Crossland Scholarship, Helen Shackleton Fund Award and the Irene Marshall Travel Grant.

In April 2013, Dr. Zelezny-Green was awarded a U.S. Fulbright Student Award to support her PhD fieldwork in Kenya.

Ronda has published and presented widely on topics related to mobiles for development (M4D), including two book chapters on mobile digital storytelling in the ESL classroom and mobile-based indigenous knowledge exchange. In 2014, she published an article in Gender & Development on the links between girls, mobile learning and school attendance in Kenya. Most recently, she published in Girlhood Studies on ethical considerations needed when working with girls in digital research. For the past five years, Ronda has worked for the GSMA, the global trade association for the mobile industry. As of May 2017, she is a Director on the Capacity Building programme, whose mandate is to train governments around the world in smart mobile telecommunications policymaking and regulation. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of Panoply Digital, a digital consultancy with expertise in ICT, education, gender, and sustainable development.

Her PhD work was in loving memory of her grandmother Helen Oxendine Powell, her father, Ronald Green, her brother Ronald Green II, her niece Sariyah Green, her nephew Ronald Green III, and her "True Blue" Salem Sister Antoinette Irving.

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