Dr Romano Dyerson

Personal profile

My research interests are related to the general theme of performance and capability development in organisations. I am interested in exploring how firms cope with change and how this interacts with strategy. Much of my work has been at the juncture of strategic and technology management. I have a long established and continuing interest in the strategic implementation of information technology in both the private and public sectors. Having explored IT use in large organisations, I am currently engaged in examining IT capability development in small and medium sized firms. To date, working with a number of colleagues, a national survey of IT use by SMEs has been conducted and presented at conferences and published in journals. A smaller scale project (conducted in Italy) has been completed focusing specificaly on IT readiness in SMEs with the view to examining this in more depth within the UK context.

I have also explored the automobile sector and the emergence/adoption of new technologies. More specifically, I am interested in the strategic response of automotive firms faced with the potentially disruptive effects of hybrid electric and fuel cell technology. I am particularly interested in the effects on dynamic capability and, working with a colleague, we are working on developing a conceptual framework that seeks to integrate the broader sustainability context into dynamic capability development.

ID: 17184