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Personal profile

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My research involves studies of the human saccadic eye movement (or oculomotor) system using both behavioural and neuroimaging (fMRI) techniques. The aim is to further our understanding of how the network of cortical and sub-cortical brain regions control the shifts of gaze and attention that are involved in the process of visual cognition. I also investigate reading with dynamic text formats (such as horizontally scrolling text - like a news ticker) especially in relation to how this format can help people with visual loss read more easily.

A recent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) project (funded by the Leverhulme Trust) with Andy Smith and Michele Furlan investigated saccade planning in the superior colliculus.  The superior colliculus is a small midbrain structure that has an important role in process of translating sensory inputs to control shifts of gaze and attention.  See: Furlan et al. JNP (2015) and Furlan et al PLOS (2016).


Research Impact - An iPad App for people with Macular Disease

In collaboration with the Macular Society I have developed two technological aids (the MD_evReader and EV News) to help people with macular disease (the leading cause of vision loss in people over 60) to read eBooks and current news. Our research has shown that people with macular degeneration find that these apps help them to read.  

The MD_evReader was selected by Universities UK as one of 20 world-class research projects featured in their Ideas for Life event and has the approval of Dame Judi Dench! Play Judi Dench Video

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